Project status

List all projects sorted by decreasing sales volumes (include fxhash and Objkt sales):

  • All time: total sales (primary + secondary), above 10K tz
  • Secondary: total secondary sales, above 5K tz
  • 30days: secondary sales on the last 30 days, above 1K tz
  • Offers: projects with any best collection offer greater than 5tz, sorted by decreasing active collections offers count

Specific sections:

  • Followed: all the projects you follow, sorted by increasing all time volume
  • Collection: decreasing number of gentks collected, for each project (above 1K secondary sale) belonging to a wallet

When a project is in your follow list, it is shown with a filled bookmark icon (). You can see how many tokens you own from each projects through all your wallets (if you entered them in the setting page).

Enter a wallet to list all projects owned by someone, and be able to do collection offers on some of theses projects