>The Gas Station

This is a demo, you don't see gas fees, you can't filter by token, you can't buy from the tool, you can't see best gas fee auto evaluation, etc. This is only an overview of the the tool.
To get access to this tool, you need to have any of my non fxhash 1/1 artworks, or you need the Gas Station token, that you can obtain on primary market by putting an offer of 300 tezos. I will then verify that you are not part of the shitty undercutter team before accepting your offer. You can also try to get one edition on secondary market.

To buy an edition of an artwork when there is a gas war

  • Copy/paste the marketplace URL for the project.
    If you see the token you want to track already listed above (i.e. sale already started), then you can click on the market cell or title of the token to setup the tracking with that token.
  • If you entered a supported link, after a few seconds, you should see some infos about it.
  • You can preset the gas fee and either buy from your wallet, or if you have configured a burner wallet, buy from your burner to be quicker (as there is no need to confirm).
  • If you don't setup fee, the tool constantly evaluate the best fee according to transactions seen in the current pending block and previous block. The automatic evaluation stop if you manually set any fee.
  • At anytime, clicking on a fee shown in the list will set your gas fee to the same value and stop automatic evaluation.
  • If you have any reserve, you can buy from your reserve (only work with your main wallet, not with your burners)

You can configure multiple prepaid wallets to try to buy multiple editions of an artwork (maximum 5 wallets). Each wallet will be used to buy 1 edition, and each minted gentk will be directly sent to your main wallet by setting it as the recipient of the mint.