>The Gas Station

This is a demo, you don't see the gas fee,you can't buy from the tool, you can't setup multiple buying wallets, ... This is only an overview of the the tool.

7:28:09 PM

To buy an edition of an artwork when there is a gas war

  • Copy/paste the marketplace URL for the project (for fxhash, use the marketplace link, with the project ID, slug links will not work).
    If you see the token you want to track already listed above (i.e. sale already started), then you can click on the market cell or title of the token to setup the tracking with that token.
  • If you entered a supported link, after a few seconds, you should see some infos about it.
  • You can then preset the gas fee and either buy from your wallet, or if you have configured a burner wallet for the live feed, buy from your burner to be quicker (as there is no need to confirm).
  • When you don't setup any fee, the fee are evaluated to be 50% above the median fee value of all fees of the pending block and previous block, capped by the max fee set by anyone in theses 2 blocks.
  • At anytime, clicking on a fee shown in the list will preset your gas fee to the same value