Pin artworks from a wallet

This tool allow you to pin the creations or the collected artworks from a wallet to Pinata. You can register for a free account, and you need to generate an api key with the following api endpoint access activated:

  • Pinning : pinByHash, pinJobs, unpin
  • Data : pinList, userPinnedDataTotal
  • Key name : whatever helps you to remember that the api key is for use on this pin tool

You can use this tool as many time as you wish, only unpinned artworks will be added. The tool always pin the artwork and the metadata associated. You can also ask to pin the thumbnail associated with your artwork to speed up showing your artwork in listing pages.

IMPORTANT: if you are going to pin a lot of artworks, make sure to first add a credit card in your pinata account, otherwise, pinning will fail with error 403 if you go above your free quota of 1Gb of storage

For your collection you can pin either what you have COLLECTED but not swapped (ie what you hold in your wallet) or what you SWAPPED (ie what you are resaling).