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Platform to use for HEN tokens and artists pages :

Currency to use for OBJKT offers :

  • Each time you switch to wrapped tezos offers, our site verify if you allowed objkt to spend your oXTZ, and if not, you will have to validate a transaction that allow objkt to spend your oXTZ. Without this, your offers will not be visible in "offers" tab on objkt website.
    If you don't trust this site to setup allowance to spend oXTZ, then do at least one oXTZ offer through OBJKT website, it will setup your allowance.
  • The tool don't take care of oXTZ wrapping. You must make sure to have enough oXTZ in your wallet or your offers will fail. To get some oXTZ, go wrap XTZ on OBJKT, by clicking on the wallet icon in upper right of their website.

Default referral bonus for OBJKT swaps/offers :

Your wallets

If you own multiple wallets, you can set them here, and it will be used to show you what NFT you own when you check a gallery, an event, a search, ...


RPC Node to use