>Data Indexer status

IMPORTANT: This status page give you informations on indexers used by my tools. Teia use its own private indexer, and its status page is available here.

Teia, Objkt, Versum and most community tools uses a data indexer to show what you mint, swap and collect. The indexer allows for faster and more complex queries than if everything was requested from the blockchain. Sometimes, the indexer lags, and when that occurs, then operations made on the marketplace are not seen, like:

  • you don't see what you just minted
  • you don't see what you collected in your collection page
  • you don't see the price on the token you swapped
  • ...

The information below shows you the current status my of indexers. When any indexer is lagging or down, then you just have to wait for it to come back online. DON'T burn your mint, DON'T cancel your swap, DON'T freak out because you don't see what you just bought. Just verify that the transaction went through on Tzkt or TzStats. If it does, then it will show on HEN eventually.