• I'm glad to invite you to my private personal collection of tezos tools
  • You can use anything available in here, everything is at your disposal, but you are a guest not a permanent resident
  • If you don't like something I provide or anything that I do or say, then just walk away and continue your journey, there is so many other things to do than to fight, don't waste your time or mine
  • This is not a public service, this is not a community service, using any of these tools don't entitle you to any right or anything else, no warranty of any kind is provided
  • I don't ask you anything, you don't have anything to pay, so I don't owe you anything AT ALL
  • For whatever personal reason I could have, If I don't want anymore to share some or all of these tools with you, then I will block your wallet, without any explaination or notification
If you don't agree with anything stated above, feel free to leave : none of these tools are needed for collecting or minting in Tezos world. Each platform already provide you many great tools, use them.

For any question you could still have, you can contact me on twitter

Tools access

  • Tools are splitted between 5 categories: Collectors, fxhash, Artists, Anyone and Advanced. You can see the list of tools in each category on the homepage.
  • Artists tools and tools for Anyone are freely available. You just need to connect your wallet to use most of them.
  • Access to the Collectors tools is a perk, at first for long time collectors of my works, and now for any person owning one or more of my multi-editions selected artworks, or any non fxhash 1/1 artwork. The full list of artworks that can be used to access any locked tools is avalaible here.
    Most of collectors tools provide a demo mode to allow you to discover what the tool do.
  • Access to fxhash tools is a perk for anyone having access to Collectors tool, plus anyone owning an fxhash mint from one of my projects.
  • To access the Gas Station tool, you need to own the Gas Station artwork, or any non fxhash 1/1 artwork. Without any of these artworks, you can still access the Gas Station tool, but it will run in demo mode (gas fee are not shown, you can't buy from this tool, etc.)
  • Sometime, I can ban people from using my tools. It's very very rare, and you really have to be an asshole to get banned. There are less than 10 people on that list, it's a VIP club, and 99.9999% of the tezos community members will never be admitted in that club, whatever the 0.0001% on that list try to make you believe by whining on twitter.

Prepaid wallet

Some tools need a prepaid wallet to run. It's a DEDICATED wallet for the tools, that you only use with the tools. So it must be a wallet different from you main wallet, and only filled with the tezos needed for your next few buys and/or transactions.

To use a prepaid wallet, you need to enter your private key, which is specific to that wallet address : IT'S NOT YOUR SEED WORDS. The tools will refuse any seed words. In Temple Wallet, you can reveal the private key associated to a wallet from the settings of that wallet. For other wallets, Google is your friend.

YOUR PRIVATE KEY NEVER LEAVE YOUR BROWSER. Don't take my words for granted, audit network requests in your javascript console to confirm this. If your key is ever compromised (by someone accessing your browser local storage), the fact that you use a prepaid wallet will mitigate your loss: at most you loose what is inside this specific wallet (hence the use of a private key instead of seed words, which would give an hacker access to every wallet for every blockchain where you would use the same seed words)

Live feed

  • To be able to use the concierge service in the live feed, you must provide a prepaid wallet private key, to be able to do some bookings or autobuy artworks from specific artists.
  • This tool will refuse to work if there is any NFT creation (from supported platforms) in the prepaid wallet, if there is more than 10 NFTs stored in it, or if you are connected to the live feed with this wallet. You must add this dedicated wallet in the concierge settings, and you keep connecting to the live feed with your regular wallet
  • Only works for NFT minted on HEN, OBJKT, VERSUM or FXHASH
  • To autobuy artworks from specific wallets, click on the concierge button (with a human+cog icon) and read the help there that explain how to format your autobuy orders
  • When you see a new token minted but not swapped, you can click on "RESERVE IT" and you can then enter what is the max price you want to pay, and the gas fee you want to use. For an fxhash token, you will need to enter the exact minting price and the date at which the mint open (copy/paste the date from the fxhash gentk page or use the format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS, with the date in your local timezone)

Gas station

The Gas station allow you to see mempool transactions (aka transactions waiting to be processed by nodes) and see how much gas fee each buyer set.

  • If you enter the url of token (ie an fxhash token marketplace url, or a objkt/versum/teia token url), then you will see only transactions on this specific token, and you will be able to buy from this tool
  • You can then let the tool evaluate gas fee for you, or define your own gas fee. The tool evaluate fees in a way to maximize your chance to get a mint. It's constantly updated with new transactions. If you setup your own fee, auto evaluation stop. If you want to go back to auto-evaluation, empty the gas fee input field.
  • If you memoize a prepaid wallet, you can buy from this prepaid wallet, which can be faster has you don't need to do the full confirmation process of a regular wallet.