>Fxhash giveway minter

This tool allow you to mint gentks from one of your projects, directly into the wallets of the people you want to gift your artwork to (think "airdrop for fxhash project").

  • You need a burner wallet that the tool will use for batch minting gentk (See the FAQ about prepaid wallet)
  • To not overspend, make sure change the price to zero, and allocate the proper number of mints in a reserve for your burner wallet. Make sure that all mints are on reserve list for you and your burner before re-opening a project with a price of zero, otherwise, people could mint for free your project.

You must first connect your wallet with the upper right CONNECT button to use this tool.

Once the batch mint start, the tool will list successfull mints below, and keep an updated wallets list to be able to start again if there is any error, without minting again for wallets already gifted.